Utilities, 2013, 20 pp., hardcover, 8.75"x11.25"

Utilities, 2013, 20 pp., hardcover, 8.75″x11.25″

The drawings in Utilities are invented sign frames. They are the armatures of communication.  From the arrangement of the panels and supports, larger codes and patterns emerge.  Like most of my work, this book is about the circumstances of communication.  When specific signals (like words) are withheld, other elements or facilities move forward into our awareness.  The drawings are visible here. The drawings are vector graphics and can be re-scaled and represented in other formats and locations beyond the book itself.  The book is available in a signed edition of 100 that includes an archival pigment print of drawing #9, Blue Sign, Orange Sign. The print is 8.5″x11″, signed and numbered on the reverse. Please email for current availability of this edition.